New Effects


Like a strong wind of precious sand, Zephyro is a decorative paint based on selected ceramic grains, wrapped in a precious gold or silver mixture, creating a unique sandy metal effect. Zephyro Enand brings back the classic style.


Swahili is a decorative coating for interiors made of metallic charges and selected quartz aggregates that produce high end visual effects and create a unique game of light and shades.


Dune is a decorative coating for interiors with soft metallic charges that creates high end visual effects and a stunning game of light and shades.


An original effect, which distinguishes itself with a fake deepness between pearl and opaque. Exclusive fragments of precious pearls which are gently pressed during the application phase, leaves a pearlescent trail on the surface, with a warmth three-dimensional effect and...a flame of elegance.


Allows to obtain chiaroscuro finishes ideal for antique-looking and country - style settings. Availed surface dotted by small particles that look like painting and feel like low -relief to the touch.

Decora Deluxe

Decorative system with a pearlescent effect which is obtained through the combination of soft colored grains and a vast variety of pearls.


Caravaggio combines the precious features of the venetian stuccoes withthe original elegance, softness and light-effects typical of the ancient wallfabrics, used in the renaissance.


Polichrome decorative system for iridescent finishes with a pearly oranon - pearly quality. Can be cleaned and, depending on the setting, worked in a number of ways: padded, spatulated, dripped, painted, sponged, etc


PERFECTO GRANITE is a high decorative finish of exterior facades, highly weather-resistant, the aggression of different environments (marine, chemical).


PERFECTO TRAVERTINO derived from the success of TRAVERTINO NEW CONCEPT on the market, the great demand from customers to obtain this extraordinary effect also in exterior walls able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the aggression of different environments (marine, chemical).

Cera Wax

Cera Wax is a decorative finish formulated with polyethylene waxes, special metallic pigments and rheological modifiers, that permit to achieve an easy-to-apply material. Its special formulation guarantees high level of brightness, several pearly shades and a soft water protection.


Teodorico is a lime-based finishing plaster coat, specially formulated for the decoration of prestigious interior and exterior, made of hydrated putty, fine marble powder, selected inert and rheological modifiers, which guarantees a perfect workability of the product.

Linea SIl

Linea SIl is an anti-mould acrylic-siloxane plaster coating for exteriors.

Metallic Suede

Decorative water based special effect paint for interior walls. Water based acrylic metallic paint that provides a Suede-like finish.


Original decorative system, ecological and water-based, which makes it possible to be applied on any surface, real oxidation which naturally appears on old aged rusted iron surfaces.


Animamundi innovatively interprets the concept of "washed cement", offering on the one hand a product with moderately pearlescent and opaque, and the other side a strong materica.


The light reflected from the surface will influence the aesthetic effect. The illuminated surface will be distinguished by tiny surface light points able to create a 3D effect of brightness.


Stuccoro is a decorative stucco based on slaked lime, metallic pigments and rheological modifiers for optimum lavorabilità.


The magic touch of crystal has finally arrived on your walls! A noble mineral, thanks to its geometrical shape, is able to convey really impressive light reflection. Have you ever imagined such a decorative effect?


With the application of velatura classic or pearl on top it seems to create transparency, deepness and a unique and fascinating dark light contrast. 3 methods of application: RIGATO, BROCCATO, CRACKLÈ.


Unique, magnificent, charming ... The first adjectives suitable for a decorative effect of extraordinary beauty, which is a real and absolute novelty in the top-class wall decoration.


Superior, marble - looking lime putty for the glossy or translucent finishes typical of renaissance villas.


Ideal for decorating the wall surfaces of homes and buildings that aim at recreating a classic, antique-looking feel.


Ideal for decorating the wall surfaces of homes and buildings that aim at recreating a classic, antique-looking feel.


Visionnaire is a decorative mineral coating for interiors, marbled or structured tenuemente effects.

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