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Polichrome decorative system for iridescent finishes with a pearly oranon - pearly quality. Can be cleaned and, depending on the setting, worked in a number of ways: padded, spatulated, dripped, painted, sponged, etc



  • Highly decorative non-toxic wall covering, CERALUX is easy to wash, sweet-smelling and nonyellowing. Tanks to its elegant finishing, it is widely employed both for public environments (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc…) and for very sumptuous houses. CERALUX allows to obtain some extraordinary effects compared to the traditional enamelling methods, by exploiting the creativity of the decorator, who has the possibility to obtain different and original effects for each application, matching them with the interior designs. Gloss, matt, silver or gold metallic and iridescent versions of CERALUX are available.

  • Special acrylic emulsion, with pearly pigments, organic and inorganic pigments and additives.

  • Preparation of the base Sand-paper, dust and plaster over all the imperfections with STUCCOMURO or POLISTUCK(according to the thickness of the imperfections) and put on a coat of FISSATIVO UNIVERSALE diluted in water from a ratio of 1 to 5 to a ratio of 1 to 10, depending on the absorption degree of the support. Let the product dry for at least 4 hours and then apply two coats of water paints REOSAN LUCIDO or REOSAN SEMILUCIDO (use MEGALIT for the “gocciolato” effect) opportunely diluted (see the respective specifications). Wait at least 4/5 hours before putting the second coat.
  • The application of Ceralux is very simple and fast. There are 3 different methods of application as follows:
  • “Tamponato” effect: Apply CERALUX with a bristle roller and finish it with a plastic or leather tampon, depending on the desired effect.
  • “Spatolato” effect: Apply CERALUX with a flat brush and finish it with a suitable plastic spatula.
  • “Gocciolato” effect:Apply CERALUX with the special “gocciolato” spray-gun, diluted in 10% of water
  • Dilution: ready to use, except for the “gocciolato” effect
  • Yield: 4-5 m² / l

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