Metallic Suede

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Metallic Suede

Decorative water based special effect paint for interior walls. Water based acrylic metallic paint that provides a Suede-like finish.

Suede-Metallic creates a special texture effect. The effect changes as a result of the angle, lightning and application.

This effect is suitable both for unique home styling and public areas such as hotels, restaurants, offices and more.



  • Easy to apply, water based acrylic paint for interior walls, ready to use product. Environment and user friendly.

  • Interior walls, painted with an acrylic paint.

  • The effect can be applied on any wall that covered with acrylic paint (Supercryl series). If the surface is painted with lime paint, then apply one coat of Bonderol Super before applying the acrylic paint. Apply the acrylic paint from Supercryl series tinted in a similar shade to the chosen Suede-Metallic shade. Best used in accordance with the attached instruction booklet.
  • Make sure that the surface was prepared in accordance with IS 1920 part 1 and 2.
  • Notice: To achieve maximum results and successful effect, the wall intended for painting must be smooth, without textures or flaws
  • To achieve full coverage and an easy and fast work, apply two coat of Suede-Metallic using a dry short-haired roller. Wait for about two hours between the coats. To obtain the final look, apply another coat using a brush. The final color, especially the shade’ depends on the number of layers applied and the amount of paint used on the brush. The lighter the selected color, the gentler the cloudiness. The cloudiness shall be more visible in shaded areas.
  • Applying the effect coat (the third coat): Dip a brush (3" – 4" wide) in the paint container. Remove excess paint from the brush. Apply the paint on the wall in wide crisscross [X] movements. Continue painting and blur boundaries so that individual diagonal lines are not visible. It is recommended to apply over a diagonal section of about 0.5-1 sqm at a time, and ensure complete coverage (very important). It is recommended to step away from the wall occasionally during the application, to view the entire wall. The final look of the Suede-Metallic effect shall be obtained after three coats and upon full drying.
  • It is best to work systematically and not repeat areas. Each additional layer shall create a cloudier effect and the final color will be darker
  • To paint over the Suede-Metallic effect, sand the wall gently to a smooth surface and apply two coats of Supercryl
  • Dryring Time: Touch **: 1 hours | Recoat: 2 hours | Final: 24 hours
  • Dilution: Ready for use, not to be diluted
  • Yield: 1.6-2 Kg/m² in two coats, depending on the kind of substrate

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