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Original decorative system, ecological and water-based, which makes it possible to be applied on any surface, real oxidation which naturally appears on old aged rusted iron surfaces. 4 different shades of oxidation, which can be multiplied in order to obtain numerous easy finishes, it makes Oxyd’arthe an extremely special finish in top class decorative surroundings. Oxyd’arthe, the right product to refashion the vintage style of true rust, in any desired environment!



  • A very precious cycle for the top class interior decoration, in real external oxidation. It allows you to get, real oxidation which is very popular in contemporary architecture. Due to its strong expressive character OXYD'ARTHE, integrates extremely well in shabby-chicand urban environments, on exposed concrete structures, live wood, matt and old marble, thanks to flexibility of OXYD'ARTHE. OXYD'ARTHE thanks to its unique application method allows you to obtain unlimited creative unique and original solutions. OXYD'ARTHE, a complete cycle, guarantees excellent resistance to water and also to washing, it can be used both inside and outside.

  • OXYD’ARTHE IRON: compound powder containing iron powders and additives.
  • OXYD’ARTHE COPPER: compound powder containing copper powders and additives
  • OXYD’ARTHE BINDER: liquid containing organic binders, stabilizers, additives.
  • ACTIVATOR: liquid product containing accelerators oxidation of inorganic nature, stabilizers, additives
  • MATT PROTECTOR 2K: protective transparent twocomponent polyurethane containing polyurethane resins, stabilizers, additives

  • Surface preparation: Sandpaper, dust and fill any imperfections with STUCCOMURO, then apply one coat of UNIVERSAL FISSATIVO diluted with water, ratio of 1: 5 up to 1:10 based on the absorption of the support. Allow drying for at least 4 hours and applying two coats of PRIMER S, leaving 4-5 hours between each coat.
  • Preparation of the mixture: OXYD'ARTHE Mix with an electric mixer, a pack of kg.2,5OXYD'ARTHE IRON COPPER in a pack Lt.1,67 of OXYD'ARTHE BINDER (the compound obtained has a poot-life of approximately 24 hours). You need to constantly mix the product during the application, in order to avoid sedimentation, which would cause homogeneity of the mixture.
  • Spreading: Apply two coats of the compound with a short hair roller, Min.12 hours between each application Leave to dry for at least 12 hours.
  • Oxidation: Apply ACTIVATOR one or two layers with a brush, depending on the application of the product thickness and therefore to changes in reaction times OXYD'ARTHE adopt different chromatic shades. Using different tools you get different styles, which allows you unlimited decorative solutions. Leave for at least 24 hours. We recommend viewing the explanatory video application.
  • Protection: Mix the two PROTECTOR MATT 2K components to the extent of 100 parts of component A, 20 parts of component B, for 5 minutes with a flat spatula, scraping well walls and bottom, or with electric mixer. Leave the product for about 5 minutes. Apply with a brush or roller, two coats using the cris-cross technique leaving 24 hours between each application.. After the mixing of PROTECTOR MATT 2K it should be used within 2 hours at 20 ° C.
  • Dilution: Ready to use
  • Yield: OXYD’ARTHE: 260 gr./mq. +/ 10%
    OXYD’ARTHE BINDER: 175 gr./mq. +/ 10%
    ACTIVATOR: from 250 – 500 gr./mq ( depending on the final finish)
    MATT PROTECTOR 2K: from150 – 200 gr./mq (two coats)

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