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Swahili is a decorative coating for interiors made of metallic charges and selected quartz aggregates that produce high end visual effects and create a unique game of light and shades.



  • Swahili permits to achieve innovative chromatic and tactile effects that make the environment extremely comfortable and in line with the most cutting-edge trends in interior decoration.
  • Swahili is an easy-to-apply product and allows both the professional and the private decorator to easily achieve highquality effects.
  • The application of Swahili is simple and practical thanks to its application with a brush.
  • The versatility of Swahili allows to apply it also when substrates are not perfectly smooth.
  • Swahili permits to achieve a huge number of customized effects, depending on the decorator’s taste.
  • Fire resistance classification UNI EN 13501 -1:2009: B - s1 - d0

  • The substrate must be perfectly dry, dust-free, with no humidity and salt stains.
  • Resurface or consolidate the surface with specific products if necessary.
  • In case of mould, treat the surface with suitable specific products.
  • Brush or remove any efflorescence and old peeling paint.
  • Higher layers of old lime-based paint and tempera paint must be removed.
  • Brush out dust, smog or other deposits before the application.
  • In case of non-homogeneous or chalky surfaces, apply one layer of Decofix (micronized wall sealer) diluted, with a brush.
  • Over dry and compact substrates, apply one layer of Novaprimer (water-based acrylic pigmented primer), diluted, with a brush or with a roller.
  • Over dry primer, apply one layer of Novalux E white (washable paint), diluted, with a brush or with a short hair roller.
  • Environmental humidity must be 75%; substrate humidity must be 10%.
  • It is advisable to complete each work with materials from the same batch of production. When using multiple batches, it is recommended to remix the various products together to avoid slight differences in shading.
  • For the correct use, dilution and application of the products here mentioned, consult their respective technical data sheets.
  • Dilution: maximum 20% of water
  • Yield: 6-7 m² / l

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