Intosil (Linea Sil)

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Check out our new highly permeable coating for interiors and exteriors, anti-mould

Intosil (Linea Sil)

Linea SIl is an anti-mould acrylic-siloxane plaster coating for exteriors, fine grain (0,3-0,7 mm) and medium grain (0,5-1 ,0 mm), made of styrene-acrylic copolymers in water dispersion, siloxane resins and modifiers, selected marble putties, quartz aggregates and selected antimould agents.



  • Due to the balanced formulation and the use of proper inerts and additives, Intosil Fine (Fine Grain) is highly recommended for:
    • New renderings or old plasters
    • Concrete surfaces
    • Old paints or dry, compact, absorbent, mineral coatings
    • Various absorbent mineral substrates
    • Insulating systems
  • Due to the high transpiration and water-repellence, Intosil Medio is the ideal coating for all kind of substrates, mineral and synthetic.
  • Due to its durability and high permeability, Intosil Medio (Medium Grain) is highly recommended for:
    • Facades with no moulding protection and with high exposure to atmospheric agents.
    • New renderings or plasters
    • Pre-existing lime plasters
    • Concrete or prefab surfaces
    • Insulating systems
  • The substrate must be perfectly dry, dust-free, with no humidity and salt stains.
  • Resurface or consolidate the surface with specific products if necessary.
  • In case of mould, treat the surface with suitable specific products.
  • Brush or remove any efflorescence and old peeling paint.
  • Higher layers of old lime-based paint and tempera paint must be removed.
  • Brush out dust, smog or other deposits before the application.
  • In case of non-homogeneous or chalky surfaces, apply one layer of Decofix (micronized wall sealer) diluted, with a brush.
  • In case of compact and non-chalky substrates, it is possible to apply Acricolor (water-based acryli pigmented sealer for interiors and exteriors) diluted, with a brush.
  • Once the substrate is completely dry, apply one coat of Intosil with a stainless steelor plastic trowel.
  • Remove any imperfections and/or any exceeding amount of product.
  • Once the first layer is completely dry, apply a second coat of Intosil following the same procedure.
  • To obtain a uniform effect paint over the surface still wet with a stainless steel trowel; alternatively, work into the surface with a sponge trowel for a rough-look effect.
  • Wait 72 hours till it dries
  • Dilution: Ready for use, not to be diluted
  • Yield: 1.6-2 Kg/m² in two coats, depending on the kind of substrate

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