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Unique, magnificent, charming ... The first adjectives suitable for a decorative effect of extraordinary beauty, which is a real and absolute novelty in the top-class wall decoration.




  • A refined specialty, developed directly from the spiver lab & arthe academy, which allows you to recreate, on any surface, the same tactile sensation and visual of some of the most famous noble precious metals such as platinum, gold, or silver. Create a spatula effect of pure platinum or a “damascato” effect of pure gold or a striped effect of pure silver is now possible! An unlimited number of effects and a wide color range. Nobilis, a new luxury for your environment.
  • A unique coating moldable material, for the high interior decoration, based on pure metal bound by a special resin hi-tech. The tenacity of the Platinum, Gold exuberance, the determination of copper, the compactness of the Bronze and the temper of Palladio, are the five elements that characterize NOBILIS, and give it a an absolute authenticity value, which has never been achieved by any 'other wall finishing, until now present in the market high decoration.
  • NOBILIS gives a magical transformation to any surface, in a finish-emotion pure and precious metal, visible, feel and touch. With its original and exclusive appearance NOBILIS illuminates and enhances any wall or artifact, it allows the decorator to give creative solutions and proposals of extraordinary beauty and absolute exclusivity. It can be applied as an added value to environments and / or sites of high attractions and prestige, both in private homes, which in public projects. High washable resistance, resistant to fungus and bacteria.



  • Special epoxy-polyamide resin compound in aqueous emulsion, powders of special metal powder superficially treated, reinforcing fillers, additives.



  • Wall surfaces pretreated with a coat of PRIMER S diluted with 30% water, to dry at least 24 h.
  • Preparation of the product.
    Mix with electric mixer, NOBILIS comp. A and NOBILIS comp. B for about 3 minutes, then add with agitation produced in the NOBILIS COLOURS of the chosen color, taking utmost care of mixing perfectly.
  • Product life After perfectly mixing of the three components, the compound must be used within 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the temperature of application.
  • Applying the product. NOBILIS, once mixed, is presented as a soft modeling clay, applied with a steel trowel , which allows the decorator an unlimited amount of techniques and fantasies.
    Grinding, sanding, polishing
    1st STAGE For the first roughing, and sculpting of the application. Use the following succession of polishing with abrasive discs, by 220, 320, 400. respectively. Minimum initial speed, gradually increase in the consumption function and verification of the status of the abrasive disc.
    2nd STAGE Smoothing and the leveling of the effect with the succession of polishing with abrasive discs, 500, 800 Start at medium speed, gradually increasing until reaching a maximum speed.
    3rd STAGE Mirror polishing with the succession of polishing with abrasive discs, 1500, 3000, 6000 Minimum speed of execution.
    4th STAGE Polishing with POLISH (type BLU 3M) with rotary buffer starting at low speed up to a medium speed.
    5th STAGE The final cleaning can be done by hand with a paper towel, with the help of a mild degreasing detergent diluted 50% with water.

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