Decora Deluxe

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Decora Deluxe

Decorative system with a pearlescent effect which is obtained through the combination of soft colored grains and a vast variety of pearls.



  • Decora Deluxetive paint with white flakes which give an antique looking finish suitable for interior environments , it allows you to obtain a dark bright slightly rough and at the same time soft finish because of the white flakes in the paint. Decorà is washable after approximately three weeks of application, non-flammable and guarantees good permeability to the watery vapor. These are the characteristics which make Decorà particularly suitable as an indispensable element of furnishings in ancient style environments such as hotels public offices etc.

  • Titanium dioxide, an emulsion of acrylic copolymers, special nontoxic additives. It is free from harmful substances such as solvents and pigments containing lead or chrome

  • Preparation of the surface, sandpaper , dust, putty eventual imperfections with STUCCOMURO or POLISTUCK (in order to obtain a very fine even surface.), and apply one coat of UNIVERSAL FISSATIVO opportunely diluted with water in relationship 1:5 until to 1:10 based on the absorption of the support. leave to dry at least 4 hours and apply one or two coats of PRIMER S ( see Tec. Data sheet) opportunely diluted allowing 4-5 hours for drying between each coat. Application, apply DECORA with a wool glove or paint-brush in circular movements not continuous, in way to evidence the cloudy effect. After approximately 15 minutes it is advisable to proceed in the finishing phase by going back over the applied surface with the DECORA glove in order slightly press in any flakes which might stick out.
  • Dilution: Ready to use
  • Yield: 7-8 m² / l

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