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PERFECTO TRAVERTINO dirived from the success of TRAVERTINO NEW CONCEPT on the market, the great demand from customers to obtain this extraordinary effect also in exterior walls able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the aggression of different environments (marine, chemical). With PERFECTO TRAVERTINO we reset the technical limits of lime-based product (TRAVERTINO NEW CONCEPT )in terms of adhesion, flexibility, water repellence and outdoor resistance, achieving an aesthetic result comparable. PERFECTO TRAVERINO can be applied on a wide range of the supports (concrete, lime, old plastic plasters, and so on).



  • High breathability (penetration rate of water vapour very close to that of the lime)
  • Very high water repellence (guarantee of water resistance)
  • Self-cleaning (its microstructure surface, highly water-resistant, minimizes the contact area for water and dirt and helping self-cleaning)
  • High elasticity (contains micro the substrate leaving its characteristics)
  • Effect anticrack -(due to the excellent flexibility of the elastomer)
  • Excellent color resistance to ultraviolet and weather
  • Antialga-antifungal (essential in a insulation to prevent the black algal)
  • Excellent color resistance to ultraviolet and weather
  • Thanks to its characteristics PERFECTO TRAVERTINO is used in buildings for the protection and decoration of wall surfaces both outside and inside of prestigious buildings both new and old building.

  • PERFECTO TRAVERTINO is a paste product based elastomeric emulsion modified with siloxane resin, selected aggregates, pigments resistant to light and weathering, specific additives.

  • Mortar and lime or cement, paint or mineral and synthetic coatings, perfectly dry and cohesive are suitable; Apply a coat of SILOSSANA PRIMER diluted 100% with water; apply the first coat of PERFECTO TRAVERTINO with stainless steel trowel in a regular manner, leaving no deformations; after complete drying apply the second coat of TRAVERTINO PERFECTO and immediately after ruffle the surface using a sponge roller; immediately after "draw" the smooth parts of PERFECTO TRAVERTINO using the stainless steel trowel; wait from 5 to about 10 minutes and, as it starts drying, scratch across the surface in a horizontal manner with a "Japanese" spatula. After completing the wall, press the surface with clean steel trowel horizontally, in order to polish only the smooth parts. Do not apply on surfaces where there is shown signs of rising damp or infiltration.
  • Dilution: Ready to use
  • Yield: 0.7 m² / l

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